Tournament Tyranids: What Units are Successful Tyranid Players Taking?

If you are a new Tyranid player looking to build a semi-competitive list, it’s a good idea to look at what the successful Tyranid players are bringing as a guideline.  For reference I am using the Tyranid lists from 3 successful Tyranid players. 11th Company / LVO Winner Sean Nayden; DakkaDakka’s Jy2; and Team Zero Comp’s iNcontroL.



Flying Hive Tyrants – Using anywhere from 3-5 Hive Tyrants with wings and Twin-Linked Devourers, these guys do the majority of damage output in Tyranid armies. The magic number seems to be 3, but it’s very possible to build a competitive list around 2, 4 or 5.  For maximum efficiency in Maelstrom missions, balance air and ground units.


Malanthropes – Starting these guys on the table, in ruins next to Hive Tyrants / Barbed Hierodules grants a nifty 2+ cover save.  At 85 points these guys are a steal of a buy and are great for camping objectives, even after the units they are supporting go hunting.

Lictors – Lictors are great in modified Maelstrom games.  Their ability to land on objectives, or in the opponents deployment zone will help score you points. Their ability to come in without deep striking, and act as a teleport homer for Mawlocs makes Lictors a nifty pickup.


Mucolids – 15 points for a Troops choice.  Allows you to spam some of the hard hitters, or take 3 Flyrants in the Leviathan detachment for a total of 765 points.

Ripper Swarms – With deep strike you get 9 wounds for 45 points.  Ripper Swarms are great at securing objectives with ObSec, but fall down pretty easily to anything S6 or above.

Genestealers* – Not a mainstay in competitive lists, but with the ability to Outflank and hide behind enemy lines, Genestealers can fill a certain role in competitive lists.



Mawlocs – Mawlocs won the Las Vegas Open.  For 140 points you get 6 wounds at T6.  Not a bad investment, especially when you consider how they come into play. They can come up from below, do some damage, and go back into reserves before the enemy can retaliate.  When combined with Flying Hive Tyrants, you have a very annoying army that your opponent will struggle to do damagae against.

Lords of War


Barbed Hierodule – 565 points, 12 shots, at Strength 10.  Stomp Attacks in close combat.  This guy is a beast, and is great at nabbing First Blood is your opponent deploys any vehicles on the table.  Downside is the high point cost; especially in Maelstrom missions.


Void Shield Generator – A personal favorite of mine. I would start a Malanthrope, Barbed Hierodule and 3-4 Flyrants withing the Void Shield.  Opponents have a hard enough time getting through a 2+ cover save, but it’s just about impossible to nab First Blood.

Bastion / Bunker with Comms Relay – The real benefit to this fortification is the Comms Relay.  This can help your Lictors, Mawlocs and Genestealers / Rippers come in exactly when you want them to.

Are there any other Tyranid units you would add to this list? 



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