TyraNull: Winning Null Deployment Tyranids

What is Null Deployment Tyranids?  Well, it’s been done a few times before, but I’m not sure quite in this manner.  Basically the goal of the army is to give your opponent nothing to shoot at for a few turns while your entire army alpha-strikes on turn 2.

On to the Army List (will utilize the Codex CAD and Leviathan Formation):

  • 4 Flyrants (960)
  • 5 Lictors (250)
  • 3 Mawlocs (420)
  • 8 Mucolids (120)
  • Void Shield Generator (100) / Bastion with Comms Relay
  • Total: 1,850

If you get lucky and are able to take second turn, take it.  All that will start on the table are the Mucolids and the Void Shield Generator.  With Stealth and 3 wounds each, Mucolids will likely be able to withstand a turn of shooting, especially when paired with a VSG (the VSG isn’t even neccesary most likely, just there for added security).  If you feel like you can start the Flyrants on the board without risking one getting wounded, or if you can hide a Lictor, go for it.  The goal is to give your opponent nothing good to shoot at for 2 turns.  Meanwhile, if he does manage to break the VSG, or down a few Mucolids he won’t get First Blood.


If you have to go first, start the Mucolids AND Hive Tyrants on the board, and then promptly fly them off.  This will still severely limit what your opponent can do, and will allow you to redeploy based on how your opponent sets up.

Lictors and Mawlocs, while unconventional, are proven tournament winners.  When paired with Flyrants, and sneaky tactics, this army should be able to go far in most tournament settings.


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