Tyranids won the LVO… but are winning less than half their tournament games

So, Tyranids pulled off a major upset and won the biggest Warhammer 40k tournament of all time.  But the army is still struggling in general. Infographs put out by Torrent of Fire show that while Tyranids are growing in popularity, their overall win % is below 50%.  Why is this happening?

Adept Army Breakdown

Adepticon 2015

LVO army breakdown

Las Vegas Open 2015

1. New Players – Fielding 3-5 Hive Tyrants is pretty point and click.  New players can achieve moderate success with this army, especially when they face something without any meaningful anti-air.  However, when new players get matched up against savvy players, these newer Tyranid players struggle.

2. Maelstrom Missions – Flyrants are great at dealing damage, creating matchup nightmares, and wreaking havoc across the table.  However, they need to LAND in order to grab Maelstrom Objectives.  This puts them in a vulnerable position.

3. Weak Support Units – Flyrants are quite possibly one of the most points efficient MC’s in the game. However, the rest of the Tyranid Codex lacks great supporting units.  #Lictorshame obviously made Lictors and Mawlocs work, but there aren’t an abundance of great support units in the Tyranid Codex.  The best ones on paper are Malanthropes and Barbed Hierodules, but Malanthropes are slow (yet great for camping objectives in friendly deployment zones) and Barbed Hierodules are point restrictive.


Why do you think Tyranids continue to struggle at large events?

Check out this link for the Adepticon breakdown

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