HOW Many Hive Tyrants do you have?

Tyranids in a Player Comp Rated Tournament: A Conundrum

I plan on bringing my Tyranids to the Broadside Bash – a tournament that utilizes player rated comp to account for up to 24 points out of a possible 172 (100 for Battle, 24 for Comp, 24 for Sports and 24 for Painting).  With the surge in recent Tyranid armies (especially those featuring 3-5 Flyrants), I am concerned that if I bring any more than 2 Flying Hive Tyrants I will be penalized in comp.  Heck, even if I bring 2 there will probably be some people who mark me down just because they have a negative predisposition towards Flyrants.  I’d also go so far to say that even largely uncompetitive units, such as Lictors might cause an opponent to mark me down… not because they’re any good, but because of the recent success they had in the Las Vegas Open.

This leaves me with quite a conundrum.  People have been seeing a large number of Flyrants and Tyranid builds, and probably won’t be too excited to face one more.  If you were participating in a player comp rated tournament, would you:

  • Play it safe and build a super friendly list at the risk of losing out on battle points
  • Build a semi-competitive list with some fluffly elements (like 2-3 Flyrants backed by 35 Genestealers)
  • Go all out and build a competitive list, without any regard to comp

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