Tyranid Tactics: Using Mawlocs in Competitive Lists

Ever since the Tyranid Codex dropped, Mawlocs stood out as one of the most point efficient units in the book. For 140 points you get a S6 T6 W6 Monstrous Creature who can pop up anywhere and potentially do quite a bit of damage before your opponent gets a chance to shoot at them.  Mawlocs work great in a Null Deployment Tyranid army, supported by Hive Tyrants, Lictors and Comms Relay.


Perhaps the best thing that Mawlocs do is force your opponent to really think about their deployment and movement.  They can’t bunch up and the threat of 2-3 Mawlocs could force them to deploy on their own table edge, or in a manner in which they wouldn’t normally deploy.

I recommend checking out these #Lictorshame battle reports to see how the Las Vegas Open winner used Mawlocs efficiently in his games.

Tyranids vs Tyranids

Tyranids vs Orks and Necrons

Tyranids vs Eldar and Tau


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