Tyranid Tactics: Lictors

Ah, the Lictor. Feared by Imperial Guardsmen everywhere.

A HUGE shoutout to jy2 on DakkaDakka for compiling this Tyranid Strategy Thread.  Probably the most in-depth strategy guide for Tyranids out there. Below is an exerpt from his strategy guide regarding the Lictor:


The Lictor is a curious fellow. His role in the army isn’t quite so defined. Is he an offensive threat? Is he a force-multiplier? Is he a defensive beast? Is he a faciliator? An objective-sitter? A bullet-catcher? What is he? I like to think of him more as a little bit of each. More importantly, he can be used by Tyranid players to help control the Movement phase. So let’s analyze how he can contribute to the Hive Mind.

1. The ability to pop up anyone on the table without scatter is highly useful. You can place him on an objective if you need. You can put him behind a vehicle for some rear shots. You can use him to lure enemy resources away from your main force as your opponent has to dedicate some of his resources to deal with the lictor. Basically, with Chameleonic Skin, you can dictate where you want your opponent to go to a degree.

2. Homing beacon. With the advent of Tyranid spore pods (tyrannocytes), he has become more useful than ever. Infiltrate him in a strategic location and the following turn, when you mawlocs or pods come in, they can do so accurately, assuming the lictor survives.

3. He is actually an offensive threat to transports and smaller, MSU-type units. As a result, he really cannot be ignored and the opponent will have to deal with him and in doing so, you can direct where you want your opponent to go. It also helps to make your army slightly more durable as he has to allocate some of his firepower/offense to deal with the lictor.

4. Even if there isn’t anything for him to do, you can always drop him off on an objective. He is cheap enough that your army won’t miss much if he’s not involved in the offense and actually somewhat durable if you put him on an objective in some ruins. He is also great for Linebreaker purposes.

5. Cheap. He acts somewhat as a bullet-catcher as he will force your opponent to deal with him, and he is cheap enough that if you lose him, then it won’t really affect your offense all that much.

The lictor is not without its drawbacks, however. He can give up VP‘s easily in missions where VP‘s (Purge the Alien or certain Maelstrom objectives) are concerned. He is big so is harder to hide for objective-grabbing purposes. He will fold to almost any unit bigger than a min-sized MSU unit. He does a little bit of everything but he does nothing really well (except to pop up wherever you need him to….and then die). Usually, he is an easy First Blood for the enemy and he does not function well without support. However, with some support or in a Tyranid MTO (Maximum Threat Overload) type of list, this guy can pleasantly surprise you, especially if he is ignored by the opponent.


My addition: The Lictor is great in the ITC format.  He can sneak deepstrike onto objectives you need to hold (or deny), or into your opponents deployment zone on a dime. If you run Mawlocs, his value is increased as he can ensure they come up where you want them to. I would recommend these guys to all Tyranid players. Their damage output might not be great, but they will score you points at a cheap 50 points a pop. Just be sure to hide them during KP missions.

What do you think of the humble Lictor? 

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