Tyranid Rumors: New Genestealer Cult Release from GW?

Signs point to an upcoming Genestealer Cult release. Will Tyranids finally have an army to ally with that isn’t Tyranids? This would be great for the game, and bring an old piece of lore back to life.


via 75hastings69 5-1-2015

Anyone here remember the little guessing game we had about releases?Most of it can be found here…….So you’ll see in there the assassins game (correct)
HH Game (I guess time will tell )… and amongst the other stuff….

G/S Cult Codex & Models (Harlequin sized release)
Deathwatch Codex & Models (Harlequin sized release)

….. well, I may have gotten myself a bit confused about what these actually were, it seems we “may” be seeing these two as a combined set in some fashion, whether that’s as another standalone game or as a “starter/campaign” set is yet unclear, although I’m going to assume that these would be unusual choices for a starter box.

What do you expect to see from a potential Genestealer Cult release?

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