Tournament Winning Tyranid Army List: Great Escape Games RTT (Feb 2015)

Here is another tournament winning Tyranid army list.  This one was generaled by Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson at a 3-game RTT in Northern California.  His full report can be found on the Frontline Gaming website: here.

The List – Hive Fleet Goliath
HQ: Flyrant x3 eGrubs, Wings, TLDwBL (WL has Fighter Ace and I gave him poison cuz 10 points)

Elite: Malanthrope
Troops: 4×1 Mucloids, 2×3 DS Rippers
LoW: Barbed Heirodule
HQ but really just super bad ass: Swarm Lord

Quite different from the army that won the LVO and 11th Co. GT but still very effective. Featuring 3 Flyrants, a Barbed Hierodule, a Swarmlord (to give the Hierodule Preferred Enemy), a Malanthrope and a combination of Rippers / Mucolids for Troops.  Not a lot of wasted points here as just about all of these units are considered the most point efficient units in the Tyranid Codex.

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