Tale of Painters Showcase: Tyranid Photography

Wow, look at these awesome Tyranid pictures uploaded by Tale of Painters. I love the eerie smoke effects. I feel bad for those Space Marines!

I thought the relentless onslaught of Tyranid repaint posts were starting to lose their appeal so I thought I’d get my trusty smoke machine out and take capture a mood with some atmospheric photography.

This picture above is really murky and foggy. it’s hard to make out what is going on but I like it’s desaturated, grim feel.

This blue picture above is my favourite. It’s really wide so you can see the Venomthropes. The Swarmlord is almost in a spotlight with the fog swirling around him. The outline of the Hierophant is perfect to me. It’s a background object, I don’t want it to take focus away from the Swarmlord.

In this shot above, I tried to show more of the Hierophant to see if I preferred it. It’s not bad but I think it’s taking over the picture.

On Facebook (add me as a friend) this picture above was the favourite of many, with everyone echoing the same thoughts. They liked this one the most because it was the clearest and easiest to see everything. I can take clear photos on white backgrounds but I’m trying to capture something a bit special here.

This was an early set up test. I don’t like it. It was around two hours of playing with composition and lighting that I finally started to nail some of the shots (as seen above). I actually ditched the Imperial Knight and made the Hierophant less of a feature. I also ditched the rippers.

My inspiration for these pictures comes directly from Warhammer: Visions. If it took me 2 hours to get a couple of good photos it’s amazing how they pack photo after photo after photo into their 228 page publication.

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

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