Road to BAO: Triple Mawloc, Quad Flyrant – Tyranid List #3

After Nayden won the LVO using 3 Mawlocs, I jumped on the bandwagon and started using 3 in some of my lists as well. Unfortunately, they haven’t performed quite so well for me. In 5 games at the Broadside Bash, they did amazing in games that I was already winning. They were hitting, wiping out whole Marine squads, and causing mayhem left and right… however as fate would have it I was already winning those games, and probably would have won regardless of what the Mawlocs did. In games where I REALLY needed them to hit, they would scatter. 5 games is a small sample size, but I was unimpressed.

However, what Mawlocs do is force my opponent to play differently. There’s always a chance that they COULD hit and do some nice damage. Opponents have to consider that.

4xFlying Hive Tyrants with Devourers/ Egrubs

5×1 Mucolids


4×1 Lictors


1x Void Shield Generator

The Hive Tyrants do most of the damage output in this list, targeting AA threats first, followed by things that can kill Mawlocs easily / claim objectives.


The Malanthrope and Void Shield Generator protect the Hive Tyrants from shooting for the first turn, and claim objectives in my deployment zone.


Lictors go for Maelstrom points and land near objectives, looking to claim them later in the game.


Mawlocs act as general harassment unit in a worst case scenario. In a best case scenario, they are consistently hitting their target and removing models left and right!


What do you think about this list? Would your army of choice have a hard time dealing with it?

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