Road to BAO: Barbed Hierodule – Tyranid List #2

The Barbed Hierodule can be such a game changer in so many match-ups. He comes at a hefty price tag, but it might be worth it in a Grand Tournament. The major downsides include the bonus Maelstrom points he gives up in ITC games, and the fact that Eldar have so many efficient tools to take him out. This list is perhaps the most balanced list I am considering, as it has a plethora of competitive units.

3xFlying Hive Tyrants with Devourers / Egrubs

5×1 Mucolids

3×1 Lictors


1×3 Spore Mines


1xBarbed Hierodule

1xVoid Shield Generator

The key to this army is the Barbed Hierodule, which is supported in the backfield by the Malanthrope and the Void Shield Generator. With a 12″ movement, the Hierodule can easily hang back a few turns to see where any major threats drop and either avoid or eliminate them.


The Flyrants take on more of a support role in this army, making sure to take out any AA and threats to the Hierodule.


The Lictors drop near objectives to claim them on the final turns, and score Maelstrom points.


The Mawloc forces opponents to react to his impending arrival, by either spreading out or deploying near edges where the Mawloc is afraid to go.


Mucolids and Spore Mines can influence the game by dropping where the opponent needs to be; such as near objectives. They can also provide some nice bubblewrap for the Hierodule if something nasty like D-Scythe Wraithguard want to drop down next to it.

What do you think about this list? Would your army of choice have a hard time dealing with it?

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