Road to BAO: 5 Flyrants – Tyranid List #1

There are quite a few new, scary threats facing Tyranids. One school of thought is to stick with what Tyranids can do best, which is win the air superiority battle, while using small, mobile units to rack up Maelstrom mission points and claim objectives. Here is a list I’ve been considering:

5xFlying Hive Tyrants with Devourers / Egrubs

5×1 Mucolid Spores

5×1 Lictors



1xVoid Shield Generator

Lictors go for Maelstrom points and drop down near objectives.


Malanthrope / Void Shield offer protection during first turn shooting. I want to keep the Hive Tyrants alive if I start them on the board. Malanthrope also offers me a tough unit to claim objectives near by board edge.


The Mawloc forces my opponent to keep his deployment spread out, and offers the threat of the unknown. He could play a big role, or just be a threat.


The Hive Tyrants do the heavy lifting in the list, and go after what can most easily threaten the army (air units).





What do you think about this list? Would your army of choice have a hard time dealing with it?

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