Null Deployment Tyranids at a RTT – Genestealers, Lictors and Hive Tyrants

On Saturday Game Empire: Pasadena hosted a practice tournament for the Broadside Bash Grand Tournament.  They had quite a turnout with 34 gamers showing up.  Despite the rising popularity of Tyranids across the country, I was the only Tyranid player at this event.

The missions for the Broadside Bash are a bit wacky (check them out here), but they were kind of fun (see exploding Relic and the mad dash to get units out of your own deployment zone). The interesting thing is that ties are very common using their scoring system. If the point differential was 0-2, the result was a tie.  I ended up winning my first game by one point (tie), losing my second by 2 (tie) and winning my third by 3 (win) for a 1-0-2 finish for the day. Reading and playing the missions are extremely important for this event.


I showed up with my Null Deployment Tyranid list utilizing a CAD, Leviathan Detachment, Manufactorium Genestealer Formation and a Deathleaper Assassin Formation.

  • 4 Flyrants (one Fighter Ace)
  • 6×1 Mucolids
  • 4 Spore Mines
  • 1 Malanthrope
  • 1 Wall of Matyrs Bunker with Comms Relay
  • 5×5 Genestealers with Hit and Run
  • 5×5 Lictors + 1 Deathleaper

Null Deployment caught my opponents off guard.  If I was forced to go first, I deployed the Mucolids and the Hive Tyrants and then promptly flew off the board with the Hive Tyrants so they would come on automatically turn 2. If I was going second, I would deploy the Mucolids and Spore Mines (and try to hide them out of sight). In one game I determined that my Flyrants would be safe, so I deployed them only to fly off at the end of the turn.  In none of the games did I feel like I was in danger of being tabled – Shrouded, Ruins and 3 Wounds really helps.

The Lictors and Genestealers were great at capping Maelstrom objectives, while the Flyrants did most of the damage output.  Mucolids and Spore Mines didn’t do much as they started on the table, but did blow up a drop pod that landed too close.  The actual event has player rated comp – I am strongly considering dropping down to 2 Flyrants and adding in more Lictors and 3 Mawlocs.  I lose some of my heavy hitters, but should (hopefully) improve my comp score.

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