How to Start a Warhammer 40k / Wargaming Blog in 5 Minutes

Wargaming blogs have been steadily growing in popularity over the past few years. They are a place for gamers to share their hobby progress, battle reports, strategies, and opinions. They help connect a community of people that at one time was very isolated in their own gaming circles.

Decide What You Want to Write About:

  • Personal Hobby Blogs – This is probably the most popular type of Wargaming blog – and for good reason. The focus is on you, and allows you to share your newest paint jobs, battle reports, conversions, etc… People like reading these types of blogs to get ideas for themselves. When I was searching for paint schemes, I spent more time looking at various blogs than on the Games Workshop page.
  • News / Rumor Blogs – Faeit212, Bell of Lost Souls, Blood of Kittens, etc… These sites cover tournament results, the latest news and rumors. People love checking out these sites for a glimpse at what’s going to come next. This could be a very difficult site to build up, unless you have the proper connections.


Decide Which Blogging Platform to Use:

  • Blogger One of the most common platforms to start on. Very basic designs, and also very easy to connect with other gamers. If you just want to focus on content, blogger is for you. I started my first blog on blogger and had great success with it (although I eventually outgrew it, because I wanted greater customization).
  • WordPress – WordPress is not quite as easy to use as Blogger, but once you get the hang of it you’ll never look back. I use WordPress for all of my websites and can set them up very easily. You can use WordPress for free if you are okay with a domain name… but if you want a unique .com I would recommend using Bluehost to purchase the domain and hosting. They have a 1-click install for WordPress that gets you up and running very quickly.

Where to Buy Domain Names:

  • GoDaddy – GoDaddy was the first place I went to for my domain and hosting needs. They offer cheap domains, but I was unimpressed with their hosting and requested a refund. Others have
  • Bluehost – I use Bluehost for ALL of my websites right now. For $6.99 a month you get unlimited domain hosting. Domains are cheap enough, and servers are fast. If you only want one website, you can get hosting for just $3.99 a month – cheaper than just about all of the competition. What’s really neat is you can set up with a single click in less than 5 minutes. Very intuitive, very easy to navigate and great customer support. Highly recommended if you want to be serious about starting a professional looking blog.

Build on Your Blog

There are several ways to build on your blog to draw in more readers:

  • Podcasts – These are growing in popularity – people like to listen to other gamers opinions WHILE painting / playing / hobbying.
  • YouTube – Great way to show off paint jobs, battle reports, and completed armies.
  • Live Streaming – Live streaming on sites like Twitch are growing in popularity. Watching good players play the game can help develop tactics and strategies.

Well, that’s my brief guide to starting a Warhammer 40k / Wargaming blog. If you have any additional questions please leave a comment below and I will continue to build upon this topic. Thank you for reading!

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