Competitive 5 Flying Hive Tyrant List v.2

My Tyranids getting a facelift from Goatboy. I laid the airbrush, he's doing the details.

My Tyranids getting a facelift from Goatboy. I laid the airbrush, he’s doing the details.


Think back to just before the Las Vegas Open. All the rage / hype for Tyranids was the Flying Hive Tyrant list centered around 5 Flyrants. People were very scared of the list, but it didn’t enjoy much success on the tournament scene. 5 Flyrants does offer quite a bit of damage output, but the list is hindered severely in Maelstrom missions, where units need to be on the ground to do work. Here’s my second attempt at a decent 5 Flyrant list:

5 Flying Hive Tyrants – 1200

Malanthrope – 85

Void Shield Generator – 100

5×1 Mucolid Spores – 75

5×1 Lictors – 250

1 Mawloc – 140

Total: 1,850

With this list I am reliant on the Flyrants to do the heavy lifting for damage output. Lictors pop up where they need to to claim Maelstrom points – keeping them as safe as possible, but they are expendible if need be. Malanthrope / VSG will claim objectives near my side of the table (and offer some nice protection for my Flyrants during the first turn). The Mawloc is there to force my opponent to think hard about how they deploy and space their models. If he gets any Maelstrom points, it’s a bonus. Flyrants play for Turn 5, landing on enough objectives to secure a win – or staying in the air if possible.

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